LPC800-MAX board


LPC800-MAX board

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与mbed合作设计、由Embedded Artists开发的LPC800-MAX凭借对LPCXpresso、mbed和Arduino环境的支持,扩展了LPC简易性设计挑战。它允许用户从每个开发环境(IDE)中选择自己喜爱的元件使用。 凭借LPC800系列微控制器引入的独特的灵活开关矩阵功能, 具有突破性的LPC800-MAX开发板互操作性得以实现,允许用户针对各种可用功能配置几乎任何引脚。 凭借全新的mbed USB板载接口,用户还可选择是想使用基于云的mbed工具进行开发,还是更愿意使用LPCXpresso IDE等离线工具链进行开发和调试。 主要特性 采用TSSOP20封装的LPC812 LPC11U35板载调试接口(mbed USB板载接口) 兼容Arduino / mbed / LPCXpresso的连接器,可通过开关矩阵配置路由 3色用户LED PCF8591 I2C ADC,主要用于Arduino连接器 14引脚串行扩展接口连接器,兼容多种Embedded Artists扩展模块 10引脚SWD连接器,用于可选外部调试探针 用户原型开发区 参与mbed LPC800-MAX挑战赛 作为LPC800-MAX开发板的合作设计方,mbed也在他们的社区组织了挑战赛,鼓励人们开发并分享允许LPC800-MAX用户使用Arduino扩展模块的代码示例。 点击此处查看mbed挑战赛 我们同时也欢迎您随时提交自己的代码和评论。 在mbed网站上,您还将找到包括固件更新、Firmware LPC800 MAX等许多有用信息。 - See more at:


NXP's new LPC800-MAX board available for 1 Euro

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NXP have announced the availability of the mbed enabled NXP LPC800-MAX board, along with a promotion to make the hardware available for just 1 Euro.

The LPC800-MAX is based on NXPs LPC812, a Cortex-M0+ that is aimed at 8/16 applications where additional functionality and performance is required. The board is primarily an Arduino compatible form factor, but as the LPC812 has a full crossbar for IO routing it can also support the standard pinouts for LPCXpresso and the mbed DIP form factor.


Visit NXPs LPC800-MAX promotional site for more details on the offer :

To enable as many projects as possible, the LPC800-MAX board includes additional analog (A/D and D/A) and digital GPIO provided by I2C devices. These parts are likely to find their way into many designs based on the LPC800-MAX reference design, and so we want to encourage a good quality Component Database entry for each.

The Component Database is a feature we introduced recently to host reusable libraries for different hardware, middleware and IoT services that you can use with ARM Microcontrollers. These components can be used as building blocks for quickly developing prototypes and products.

Components and the associated libraries, examples and documentation are created and added to the database by mbed developers, component manufacturers and service providers. The goal is to create a canonical database of rock-solid code and resources for every useful component that can be used with ARM microcontrollers.

As an incentive to get these I2C parts into the Component Database, NXP have provided a few boards that we can give away in exchange for *** the entry. If you would like to make the entry for one of these parts, please email support@mbed.org providing :
•mbed User name
•Full postal address
•Contact phone number (needed by Fed Ex)

We're looking forward to seeing what the mbed community does with the LPC800-MAX - feel free to post to the forum to show everyone what you've been doing!


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